Vol. #8 Issue #4 Oct-Dec 2003

From Brent and Dina

Iíve been reading a book by Bruce Wilkinson titled The Dream Giver. The book is a parable about a Nobody named Ordinary who is aptly named because he works at an ordinary job and lives a very ordinary life in the Land of Familiar. He spends his time away from his ordinary job sitting on his recliner and watching his box.

Then one day Ordinary "noticed a small, nagging feeling that something big was missing from his life. Or maybe the feeling that he was missing from something big. He wasnít sure."

Time went by and Ordinary realized that a Big Dream was in his heart and that he was destined to achieve something great. This scared him and he really didn't want to talk to anyone about his Big Dream because he was embarrassed.

Ordinary finally talked to his father about it and he told Ordinary that he had always had that dream even as a little boy. Ordinary now remembered. His father had the Big Dream too when he was young but never pursued it and had lived all his days in the Land of Familiar. That was the saddest thing Ordinary had ever heard and it was then that he decided he would not let that happen to him.

Ordinary packed his bags and left his comfort zone. He started out strong but soon began to face disappointments and fear. What should he do now? The Land of Familiar had always been easy and now he just wanted to quit his journey and go back home. He sat there for a while, frozen in fear and then he heard a voice. It was the Dream Giver who was encouraging him to go on and letting Ordinary know that He would always be there for him.

Ordinaryís next challenge was the Bullies. Bullies are those people that antagonize and discourage. His old friend Champion came along just in time to encourage him. Champion was from the Land of Familiar but had pursed his Big Dream to the Land of Promise. He was a huge encouragement and helped him along the way.

Later, a girl named Faith helped him, too. Ordinary had many more twists and turns along the way to the Land of Promise and you will have to read it for yourself to find out what happened but I really enjoyed this book because I think God has laid a big dream on my heart (Hoops of Hope).

God is doing some awesome things in HOH and I love being along for the ride! It is growing thanks to Kevin, our board and our prison team guys. God is putting Bigger Dreams in my heart with Hoops of Hope and I am set to pursue them! I have a real desire to see it grow in other cities so we need more staff people to do that, so be praying!

The Fuqua's Prayer Requests

  • Financial support to grow b/c Dina is taking off work until Fall/2004
  • To book more events for the fall and winter especially Upward Award Nights
  • The Prison Team and its schedule
  • Mission Trip to Italy
  • Joan, a family friend that suffers from cancer
  • Arnold and Debbie Wadle

May the Lord Bless and keep you all!!!