Vol. #7 Issue #3 Jul-Sept 2002

It was a wonderful summer with 7 weeks of basketball camp in Colorado Springs and Divide, CO, as well as Hemet, Indian Wells and Lake Arrowhead, CA. I also did two shows for Bellevue Baptist Church youth and their basketball camp in Memphis. This church is huge with 27,000 members! This summer I was able to do ministry with over 1,100 people. The Lord continues to provide opportunities and His Word is being shared.

I have some very exciting news about the ministry. Kevin and Rachel Boaz are joining Hoops of Hope staff. They are both full-time teachers and are raising support right now (Kevin will finish out this school year). Kevin has been named the Director of Camps and Missions. His dual responsibilities will be to recruit more camps for the summer and to enlist volunteers for overseas mission trips. His secondary jobs will be to aid with the prison team and to write camp curriculum. Rachel will be aiding with office work and support raising. I am thrilled that the Lord led them our way. Kevin has volunteered with us for about 3 years as a summer league coach, camp coach and he and Rachel have traveled to Africa together to do basketball clinics and other ministry. It is neat to see this wonderful couple come and join in full-time Christian ministry. Please continue to pray for them as they raise support and secure ministry events.

I would like to thank all the volunteers and players at our 1 st Annual 3 on 3 Charity Basketball Tournament. The money will go to help our prison team and for ongoing operations of Hoops of Hope. We had 13 teams, raised $3,500 and had several corporate sponsors. We even made the local papers. If you are interested in giving toward this fundraiser, there is still time.

What God is Teaching
Seth has turned three and he is developing very well. He is talking a great deal now and he loves to pray. It is so wonderful to see his little prayers go from copying Dina and me to actually forming his own. He has shared with me lately that “God loves us all and He is the best hugger.” If you think about that, it really encompasses most of the Bible and Christian doctrine! Let’s break this statement down word by word. God (the supreme power in the Universe and the All-Mighty Creator) loves (supernaturally in a way that only God can do) us all (that’s you and me) and He (see above) is the best (Webster’s defines it as “in the highest degree”) hugger (someone who closely embraces). Wow!!! You mean to tell me that there is a God who loves me and wishes to hold me close? That is exactly what Seth is saying! I tell you, that kid is a genius, a real prodigy!

That really is the point of God’s love letter to us, the Bible. Jesus created us all to fully enjoy Him and yet we broke that relationship by our own sin. The Lord didn’t give up rather He came to die for us and reunite us to Himself. He offers the free gift of salvation. All you have to do is receive it, even today, right now! “…yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”—John 1:12 (NIV)

Prayer Requests
• Kevin and Rachel Boaz
• Dina, Seth and I to continue to grow as a family
• Debbie Wadle’s appeal
• My Papa
• Finances

Sept-Dec Calendar

  • Sept 5 Remington Elem School CS CO
  • 12 Boy’s Club CS CO
  • 14 3 on 3 Tournament CS CO
  • 18 CSCS CS CO
  • 25 Woodmen Valley Chapel CS CO
  • 29 Comm Bap Church Franktown CO
  • Oct 2 Woodmen Valley Chapel CS CO
  • 31 Rocky Mountain Calvary CS CO
  • Dec 8 1 st Evan Free Church CS CO
  • 28-Jan 4 Ft Lauderdale FL

If you are interested in booking me, please do so now especially for Upward Basketball shows or for summer camps. I have a new 6 _ minute promo video done by Jeff Krieger, AIA videographer (thanks Jeff) that you can show to your church or school. Let me know if you want one.

Thank you for continuing to stand behind us in this endeavor. The Lord continues to encourage us that we are in the right place and I want to be consumed by His call!!!