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Hoops of Hope
Basketball Ministry
2405 Strickler Road
Colorado Springs CO 80906

Hoops of Hope Prison Ministry- A Unique Opportunity to Serve.

Do you ever wonder if you could make an impact for Godís kingdom? Have you ever seen lives changed by Christ right in front of you? Do you ever wish you could play in front of a crowd who is excited by every play on the court? Do you have a band of brothers you can hang out with and share your spiritual struggles with?

Prison Ministry provides a unique chance for men to play a game they love while sharing their faith in a powerful and vital way. The men on our team share a unique bond and friendship which is vital to spiritual growth. One of the most exciting ministries of Hoops of Hope is our Prison Ministry. We take a basketball team in to play against inmates and then we share the Gospel at breaks and halftime. Aided by partnerships with Rocky Mountain Calvary (RMC) Prison Ministries and The Saints, we preach the Gospel and provide follow up for inmates. Each year from November to March we have a group of dedicated men who volunteer their time and efforts to reach those in jail throughout Colorado. We have one team in Colorado Springs and we are launching a second team in Denver in the fall of 2005.

Follow Up Is The Key

We believe that after these men make a decision for Christ it is vital that they use their time in prison to grow. We hand out response cards which let us know who made a commitment, who would like more information, or who would like to start a Bible study. We then turn those cards over to the RMC and Saints ministries who send the inmates letters, Bibles, cards, and Bible Studies.

During a single season we play about 20 games and speak with over 1500 different men. This ministry not only changes the lives of the men inside the prisons, but I have seen our volunteers lives challenged as well.