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Preview our Educational DVD Series, "Building a Better Basketball Player"



Building a Better Basketball Player is a DVD series that will:

  • Increase your Ball-Handling skills and make you dangerous on the floor.

  • Teach you how to become a pure shooter and make you a more consistent scorer.

  • Give you the skills needed to become a playmaker and make a difference for you team.

Each disk features the Hoops of Hope Ball Show and the personal testimonies of Brent 'Hoops' Fuqua and Coach Kevin. Brent's son Seth Fuqua also demontrates that the featured ball-handling drills can be done at any age!


Basic Ball Handling and Spinning

Disk 1: Basic Ball Handling and Spinning
Brent “Hoops” Fuqua demonstrates basic ball-handling drills that build your skills up and down the court. A fun tutorial on spinning the basketball finishes up this DVD.

One Ball Drills
One Ball Dribbling
One Ball Dribbling in Motion
Spinning the Basketball


Disk 2: Shot Mechanics and Warm-Up
Coach Kevin introduces you to correct shooting form and shows you some great drills to develop a strong, consistent shot.

Mechanics B-E-E-F
Shot Warm Up
Shooting Workout
Free Throws

Shot Mechanics and Warm-Up
Advanced Ball Handling and Juggling

Disk 3: Advanced Ball Handling and Juggling
Brent “Hoops” Fuqua demonstrates the more difficult two ball drills that build coordination and strength in your stronger and weaker hands. Includes a how-to juggling segment.

Two Ball Drills
Advanced Two Ball Drills
Two Ball Juggling
Multiple Ball Juggling


Disk 4: Playmaking
Coach Kevin gets serious as we discuss playmaking and how to score. This is a must-view for anyone who wants to make a difference to his or her team.

The Passing Prerequisite
Catch and Shoot
One on One Moves
Pull up Jumpers
Post Moves
Effort Points


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